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SW Studios is a fast growing, passionate fashion company rooted in 
Germany. It all began with the vision of creating our own clothing and making a 
statement in the fashion industry. Our company represents our luxury apparel
label, Eightyfive, and the commercially successful brand, Burocs. Eightyfive has set 
itself apart by continually expressing its strong identity and elevating industry standards, 
driving the brand to become one of Germany's most exclusive fashion labels.
In addition to our own online stores and B2B projects, we take pride in our 
offline sales through the four Feature Stores located in Hamburg, Hanover, 
and Munich. These stores not only create a lifestyle experience on the 
highest level but also facilitate to get in touch with our customers.

The core of our company is our dynamic team, serving as the driving force. 
The headquarter brings together ambitious, fashion-passionate people, 
each contributing their vision to create the company's success. Due to our 
effort and work ethic, our brands are gaining more and more popularity 
in the fashion industry.



Eightyfive Clothing is a luxury fashion brand, established 2011 in Germany.
Inspired by the founders visions, Eightyfive is about expressing these visions 
through clothes by pushing the limits of creativity. Each piece is designed 
with passion and attention to detail, reflecting the brand's commitment to
quality craftmanship and innovation. Our journey began with a desire to 
redefine streetwear, blending elements of luxury and urban culture seamlessly. 
We believe that clothing is a powerful means of communication, 
allowing people to convey their personality, beliefs, and aspirations 
to the world.
We carefully source materials, ensuring they meet high standards of quality and ethical production. 
Our designs are a testament to the ever-changing fashion industry, drawing inspiration from art,
music, sports and contemporary trends.
Eightyfive is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle of forward-thinking mindset
that celebrates the spirit of those who dare to dream, create, and 
express themselves through the art of fashion.
As we look towards the future, Eightyfive is poised to continue 
redefining the intersection of luxury and urban lifestyle, leaving an indelible
statement in the fashion industry. 

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We specialize in delivering bespoke concepts, extensive consultations, and proficient execution for textile manufacturing. Our objective is to furnish our clients with customized solutions that precisely cater to their distinct needs and requisites. We take great pride in providing expert counsel and support throughout the entire journey, spanning from initial ideation to final production. With our team of seasoned professionals, each equipped with years of experience and expertise, we guarantee that the end product attains the pinnacle of excellence



Feature is a multi-brand retail store and online shop located in Germany. As a 
fashion store that carefully selects from a wide assortment of international 
brands, we create a lifestyle destination with a global perspective. With three distinctive locations in Hamburg, 
Hannover and Munich, we offer a diverse range of international brands.

Born out of desire, Feature opened its first location 2011 in Munich and quickly built up a local community.
Maintaining the same principles, it didn't take long until two more stores opened its doors in Hanover and Hamburg.
Our dedication to providing a shopping experience on the highest level 
is reflected not only in the carefully selected international brands but also in our in-house private labels.
Feature has evolved into a lifestyle encounter, showcasing finest fashion and 
music. Our ambition to elevating your experience goes beyond apparel; 
we’re sourcing a selection of exclusive footwear, headwear essentials and accessories.

Our mission is simple: to become the most popular multi-brand store in Germany
but also to build a committed community around us.

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SW Studios GmbH
Am Mittelfelde 29
30519 Hannover

If you have any question, please contact us. 
el.: +49 511 920 922 00

You want to be part of our team? 

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